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Hello, I'm relatively new to this and would like to ask a couple of questions. I'm billing for a LMFT and am confused on several things:

90791: I know and have billed 90791 as an initial visit code for this provider, but it seems that some insurances require or pay on 99404. However I'm not sure why/when to use 99404.
Is 90791 an initial visit code for non EAP pts only?

99404-I'm unclear if my provider (LMFT) can use E/M codes (99404), if so, when? I'm unclear why 99404 would be used over 90834, etc.
Is 99404 an initial visit code for an EAP pt? If not is there such a thing?

Modifier HJ: I've used 90837 with HJ as a modifier for EAP pts, but not in every case and have been paid either way which makes me confused about when to use the modifier. Should it be used every time and for all insurances when billing for an EAP pt?

Thanks for all your help
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