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Lenoir City, Tennessee
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I need guidance on guidelines/rules for tracking drugs purchased versus drugs given as samples to us from reps. Those drugs that were purchased and used in procedures that are billable to insurance would need to be documented as purchased. Likewise those drugs that were samples would need to be documented as well to show why they were used and not billed. Is this correct? What methods do other facilities use for tracking?
Thanks in advance for any guidance!
Yes, that's correct. My understanding is that the facility's pharmacy process must record and track all medications and the patient's medical record must include the specific details for all medications given, whether billable or not, so that in the event of a future recall or other problem with the medication, there is a record of who received what that can be traced and tracked. In coding, we're not normally involved in this process - it's managed by the organization's pharmacy director and clinic administrators.