Transgastric gastrojejunsotomy tube


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I am having a tough time finding the correct code for this. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Patient is having Exp. Lap, release of paraesophageal hernia, gastropexy and insertion of transgastric gastrojejunostomy tube.

I am all set with the other code but here is the rest of the report:

Decided to do gastropexy and to make G-J tube; separate stab wound in ULQ area. The G-J tube was inserted, a pursestring was made at greater curvature to make gastrostomy and the tube inserted through the pylorus to 2nd, 3rd and 4th part fo the duodenum in good position. Balloon was inflated and the stomach was hung to the abd wall. Then also greater curvature of the stomach also was hung to abd wall. The gastrojejunostomy tube was fastened to the abd wall.

Of all the procedures I find in the cpt none fit exactly to this. There is no mention of fluoro, anastomosis or endoscopy. :(

Thanks for the time!