Transgender with pap smear


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Per the attached Medicare Bulletin "The KX modifier, which is defined as “Requirements specified in the medical policy have been met”, is a multipurpose informational modifier for Part B professional claims. In addition to its other existing uses, the KX modifier should also be used to identify services that are gender specific (i.e., services that are considered female or male only) for effected beneficiaries on claims submitted by physicians and non-physician practitioners to Medicare carriers and MACs. Use of the KX modifier will alert the carrier/MAC that the physician/practitioner is performing a service on a patient for whom gender specific editing may apply, and that the service should be allowed to continue with normal processing. Payment will be made if the coverage and reporting criteria have been met for the service."

ETA: As for an ICD-10, there is F64.0 for Transsexualism or Z87.890 for someone who has a history of gender reassignment surgery
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