Question Transitioning from billing to coding?

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Hi all! I'm a CPC-A hoping to get the A removed next month and start looking for coding jobs. Currently I'm an "Insurance Verification Specialist" (been at this hospital for 2 years) but I feel like the title sells what I do short. I do verify many insurance plans but I also authorize services which involves reading the providers plan and coding the anticipated service. Our location close to the border of several other states has also given me experience with the billing rules of those different states.
I guess I'm saying I've had a lot of exposure to coding but my title and sole responsibility isn't coding full charts. Obviously I have a detailed resume but I was wondering if anyone else went from a billing/authorization job into coding full time. What was the transition like and how long did it take you to get interviews with your experience not "technically" being coding...
Thanks in advance if you're willing to share :)