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procedure report: the patient was brought emergently to the cardiac cath lab where the right and left groins were cleaned prepped and draped in usual sterile fashion. the right groin was then subcutaneously infiltrated with 2% lidocaine for local anesthesia. using modified seldinger technique, a 6-french sideport introducer sheath was inserted into the right femoral vein. the guidewire was removed. the sheath was flushed by its sideport.

under flouroscopic guidance, a 5-french balloon tipped transvenous pacer wire was advanced into the right ventricular cavity. appropriate capture was then obtained. settings were then set at output of 3 milliamps, sensitivity of 5 milliamps, and cardiac rate of approximately 80 beats per minute. the sheath and wire were then sewn in position and site were sterilely dressed.

PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Successful transvenous pacer insertion via right femoral vein with appropriate ventricular capture.

Doubt between temporary vs permanent

Suggest CPT: 33207 vs 33210 vs 33216
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