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Lexington, KY
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If a patient is coming in only to receive prescriptions and an order for immunizations needed to travel out of the country, how would you code?
Patient responsibility

Our travel medicine clinic will NOT bill out to insurance because virtually no insurance will pay for this service (it's not a sick visit, and it's not a comprehensive preventive exam that a PCP would render).

Patients are told when they call for the appointment that the consultation (i.e. determining their itinerary and what innoculations are needed) is $x and due at time of service. Any vaccines are extra, also payable at time of service.

Patients are certainly free to submit to their own insurance company if they want to do so, but our clinic felt the costs of submitting, waiting for denial, then billing the patient was too high for the practice to absorb, so we adopted this policy.

Hope that helps.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC