Danville, IN
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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone had any input on coding the use of Trilogy devices as a form of mechanical ventilation. My CDI team feels that we should be using the mechanical ventilation codes on patients with respiratory failure that are put on a Trilogy device during their stay. I hesitate because the patient isn't intubated and the device can be taken off multiple times or can be used only at night making start and stop times nearly impossible to track of. I'm hoping someone out there has experience with this...any thoughts?

Kellie Goode CPC, CCS, CDIP
Hi Kellie,

I would agree that the Trilogy device would be reported with the diagnosis code for mechanical ventilation (Z99.11) in addition to the reason for it's use (respiratory failure, etc). The trilogy device is essentially a BiPap and meets the definition of mechanical ventilation. I understand your reluctance as patients may not be on the Trilogy device continuously throughout the day; however, the Z99.11 code is utilized even when a patient is being weaned from a ventilator according to the ICD-10-CM guidelines (Section: 1;C.21.c.3 For encounters for weaning from a mechanical ventilator, assign a code from subcategory J96.1, Chronic respiratory failure, followed by code Z99.11, Dependence on respirator [ventilator] status.)

Hope this helps!