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Hello, We sometimes use just CRNA's with a QZ for surgeries. One will work a certain amount of time then another CRNA QZ will take over for them. We then bill the two different CRNA and their time. Insurance companies will sometimes require records documenting both CRNA's but is there anything additional that needs done to get both paid? One insurance company is telling us that an additional modifier is required, we disagree. I would love some advise on anything we may be missing. Thank you
Some offices have a policy where the one who puts the patient under is the one listed on the claim. If i recall correctly that the most intensive portion of the procedure (the part covered by the base units). Plus the patient is more likely to remember the person physically present in the room prior to induction, less likely to cause patient confusion later on. Then internally the payment can be split between the two providers if they aren't salary.