U/S for eyes?

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One of my ophthalmologists recently did an ultrasound to check for vitreo-retinal abnormalities.Pt is diabetic with NPDR. The only code I could come up with is CPT76999 unlisted ultrasound procedure(diagnostic, interventional). Has anyone seen this before?


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Check whether this- could work out for you
Vitreous US:
CPT Code 76510 or 76512.

First thing to know essentially is that Vitreous humour belongs to the Posterior segment.
The ultrasound studies usually are done as non invasive procedure in Ophthalmic conditions like vitreous abnormalities in diabetes to look for hemorrhage due to the causes like Proliferative retinopathy, or Retinal detachments or Posterior vitreuous detachment.
The standard methods of Ultrasound for these purposes are done by using A and B-scan ultrasound.
[ These are noninvasive procedures;the technique in brief is as follows: The A- and B-scan U/S procedure for evaluating patients with V–HEMO starts with the instillation of topical anesthetic drops into the eye. This is followed by the application of methylcellulose to the face of the B-scan probe to facilitate penetration of sound into the eye. Examinations are performed with patients in a supine position on the surface of the globe, to maximize sound penetration and to promote adequate patient fixation. The vitreous cavity gets evaluated for hemorrhage density and mobility and other pathologies. Vitreoretinal adhesions and retinal elevations could also be noted by carefully screening the globe in all four quadrants. The A-scan could be used at the tissue sensitivity gain setting to assess reflectivity of the suspected pathology. ]

In my openion the ultrasound done with your provided description, could merit to get the code 76510 if done during the same encounter . If only B scan with or without superimposed non-quantitative A-scan , the could report with 76512

But if the physician or payer does not agree, then we have always 76999 as final resort
You Know it is always better to have the documented report to interpret better!
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