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Do any of you do UBER or Lyft physicals for your patients? We have been receiving an increasing number of requests. If yes, how are they being billed? Paid? My providers are not sure if they want to do them.

Hope you can help me out!
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Most payers do not pay for these physicals since they are required by a third Party. You would have to bill with an Exam for administrative purposes DX which in most cases will be an immediate denial. I'd make the patients sign a waiver.


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This is more like Occupational Health - it is a need for employment, required by the (potential) employer/agency. Has nothing to do with general health or health insurance, so of course the commercial health insurer (BCBS, Aetna, etc.) is not going to cover that.

If the company/corporation is wanting the exam before employment, as a basis to qualify for hire, then the employer should be paying for this. The patient should have some sort of (chain of custody) paperwork detailing what the employer wants (routine physical, drug screen, DOT phys, etc.) and info on who/where to send results and bill the exam. If they are planning to send potential clients to you on a regular basis, it would be wise to assign someone in your office to be the administrative point person on handling the billing for these, and possibly developing this line of business.

If you are in a good-sized population area, doing Corporate/Occupational Health can be a nice profitable addition to your practice! It is basically a cash business. Our group practice is mid-sized (30-35 providers) and we have a dedicated Occ Health Manager who handles all the client billing to local employers, trains staff on DS/BAT/DOT testing, gets the providers cert'd w the nat'l DOT examiner board, works w our marketing dept to gain new business and maintain current client contracts. We probably have upwards of 250-300 active employer accts, if not more, and see avg of 30-50 corporate visits a day out of avg of 450 visits a day (4 locations).