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Rosenberg, TX
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Has anyone had any luck with the new way UHC is requesting records for review? We've started to get requests for records, but now they're asking for manufacturer and model number of equipment used (bill for path lab), as well as manufacturer and brand info for testing supplies. If you've sent this information, how are you sending? Do you have it in a letter, spreadsheet? And have you had luck with them reprocessing your claims? TIA!
OB/GYN office
UHC has been partnered with OPTUM. Before UHC will pay claim OPTUM request records and determines if approved for payment. Sometimes OPTUM approves for payment and UHC does not. In the case OPTUM must notify UHC to release payment...
I have not encountered record request asking for manufacturer and model number.(we also bill for pathology/labs)
Back in January 2020, I attended a town hall meeting with several different provider specialties. Everyone is experiencing same issue, with UHC/OPTUM records request.