Wiki Ultrasound for office injections

Our office just started doing this. Had our second block of patients this past week. We're also using it for knee injections. So far, so good!

We just started using the Ultrasound also.
If it is a documented exam of a body part we use 76882.
If it is well documented that the ultrasound was used in giving the injection 76942.
Hope this helps.
My docs have been doing this since the fall. We bill using the 76942 code for guidance. If more than one joint is done at a time you are able to bill again using the 76 modifier. Be careful with this though as there is not a bilateral indicator for this code and so while guidance on a shoulder and a knee would be billable and paid, guidance for bilateral knees would not be billable. I disagree with the rule, but it is the rule nonetheless. We have not had any difficulty with reimbursement.