Ultrasound guidance/Biopsy

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We have a hospital owned clinic (billing and coding both the technical and professional component) that is looking for guidance on the following:

1. Diagnostic Ultrasound of Thyroid/Parathyroid – 76536
2. Ultrasound guidance for needle placement (biopsy, aspiration) – 76942
3. Biopsy of Thyroid (percutaneous core needle) – 60100
4. Biopsy of Lymph node/neck mass (by needle, superficial) – 38505
5. Fine needle aspiration w/imaging guidance – 10022

My question is has anyone seen any issues with payers not paying these services when done in a clinic (Article 28) and if so what are the issues? These are new services we are adding. I want to be proactive from both billing and coding so we don't run into issues in the future. I am located in NY.

Thank you.