Wiki Ultrasounds pre and post IUD placement

Danville, PA
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Currently we code IUD placement as follows: V25.1, 58300, J7302 and 76856 x2 for the pre and post placement ultrasounds. We are getting denials on the claims as a whole and partially. If a patient pays for her IUD herself, then of course we don't expect reimbursement. I cannot find any correct coding initiatives that would bundle 58300 with the J7302, and I cannot find where the ultrasounds would not be a covered service. Perhaps we are using the wrong diagnosis for the ultrasounds. I don't know. Need help. Thanks.
I am thinking your claims are denying because of the US's. Why are these being done? I could maybe see after palcement, but before? I am thinking that the Ins. companies are finding it a unnessesary procedure. What do your denial codes say?