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Introperative findings
Purulent drainage was still encountered in the soft tissue, less bone and less in the distal physis and ankle joint. Due to the concern about continued pruulent drainage despite repeated itrrigation and debridemet aggressively, we have placed an irrigation system in the bone and soft tissue.

Description of Procedure
The pt was brought to the operating rm and underwent gen. anes. When adequate anes. was obtained, the left lower extremity was prepped and draped. irriation was performed with appro. 9L of normal saline. pus and blood was evacuated from the soft tissue spaces that were previously described in previous dictations. Sutures were removed prior to prepping and draping which had partially closed the wound and allowed a good portion of it to be open. All addressed and copious irrigation with saline was performed.
Bone wa also irrigated from the proximal to distal through an irrigation system. A 3 way stopcock with irrigation tubing was used. The holes were punched in it appro. 25 cm in length to allow for irrigation at multiple levels. the distal portion of this tubing was tied off with 0 vicryl suture. We tested it by infiltrating and thetubing leaked out most of the holes along the entire length that had been perforated. thus having achieved our goal, we then placed th e tubing from proximal to distal in the intramedullary canal and brought it out through the distal defect in the medullary canal and briought out

operation performed
Left leg irriagation and debridement of tibia and soft tissue abscess with placement of antibiotic irrigation system through bone as well as soft tissue and application of wound vac

I need to know what this procedure is comparable to