Wiki Unna Boot Bundled With Debridement of Same Extremity?


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From what I understand about Unna boots, they are are bundled with debridement charges if applied to the same site, and we only bill the debridement.

But if the unna boot is applied to bilateral lower legs, and the patient has bilateral dorsal greater toe ulcers, where the left toe is ulcer is debrided, would the unna boot of this same extremity be bundled?

The unna boot was not applied exactly to the debridement site, but my thinking is the unna boot would still be bundled as it is being used to treat the underlying condition on that extremity that resulted in the ulcer debridement. Am I way off ?

Would it be -

29580- Rt
11042 (for deb of left toe ulcer)

dx lymphedema of bl lower extremities, edema controlled under compression wraps b/l unna boots

toe ulcer w/fat layer exposed bilateral dorsal toe ulcer, now has left plantar great toe ulcer which is debrided to fat layer. poor hygine between toes due to hammer toes.

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