Unstable Osgood-Schlatter Ossicle


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Hi, We are debating on what code to use for "excision of unstable Osgood-Schlatter ossicle". One Dr said 27340, another said 27360, I say unlisted 27599 but am uncertain as to which CPT to compare it to.
What do you all use for Ossicle excision? If unlisted what code do you compare it to?

The ossicle was identified by x-ray. An incision was made through the tendon right down on top of the ossicle.
The tendon was then elevated off the ossicle, but left in continuity with the rest of the tubercle. We elevated at both medially and laterally and got circumferential control around the ossicle. The ossicle was noted to be loose. We were able to easily elevate it away from the synchondrosis and removed it in one piece. A rongeur was then used to debride the bursa behind the ossicle and the remainder of the superior aspect of the tibial tubercle removing all unstable fragments. The bed was debrided down to a smooth stable base. We then visualized again under fluoroscopy confirming complete excision of the ossicle.