Unsuccessful coronary IR


Baldwin Park, CA
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The patient has total occlusion RCA, had a prior angiogram done like 3 weeks ago, it is a planned procedure.
In Op report" Catheter was flushed, engaged into coronary ostium. We then used a Fielder XT wire to traverse the lesion, which was unsuccessful. We switched out to a Miracle Brother 6. We were able to get past the lesion. However, subsequent pictures showed that the wire had entered an unknown space as it was outside of the lumen of the vessel. This wire was then pulled back. We once again with the Fielder XT wire tried to get it to fall into the true lumen but were unsuccessful. All this point, due to the radiation given as well as the contrast given,, we decided to abort the procedure.
Should I code this case with 92937 -74 or 92920 -74? But I don't see they used balloon catheter in OP report. The coronary angiogram cannot be coded because pt's health stays the same since the last angiogram.
Please advise what CPT codes I should assign for this case?