urgent help please on coding a stillborn delivery


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New to INPT OB coding for the facility. I had a mom that was 16 weeks came in because of PROM, no fetal heart tones... So I have my principal dx as the missed abortion and I understand that you do not code the weeks of gestation and the outcome. However, patient was given cytotec, and stayed in hospital until she delivered the baby. I am looking only for what PCS code I should be using for this. Should I be coding the induction with cytotec 3EOP7GC and also a NSVD or a abortion code.. 10A07ZK


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I hope I can make sense so here goes:

When you have expectant management of second trimester involving incomplete to complete abortion with use of Cytotec, this may take up to 18 hrs for the patient to deliver the POC thus completing the abortion. The way your question implies, this wasn't a weak cervix issue but maybe a fetus chromosome problem. If the placenta is retained, then surgical intervention may be necessary, another thing to keep in mind. The intro of therapeutic intervention is technically failed after 15 hrs though and the provider may move on to surgical intervention to complete the miscarriage.

I agree with your coding based on the information provided for the therapeutic intervention. But check over the MR for the details of the process to code from the 10A series of PCS codes and look at 10D series of PCS codes.

Hope this helped you decide from the MR documentation what PCS code for the POC part of your question. Good Luck!
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