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If a patient is admitted with urosepsis due to streptococcus and there is an ammended to the record that states sepsis with streptococcus and uti due to to streptococcus is this the correct coding?


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I am not seeing why you have appended the 041.02 it is not in the diagnosis statement.
Strep is the infection, sepsis is the systemic disease and the UTI is the localized infection dues to the the strep infection.
No you code 3 codes one for the infection,(038.0) one for the systemic disease (995.91) and the 3rd for the local infection (599.0). Look in the coding guidelines in the sepsis section for coding a localized infection with sepsis.

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The correct answer to the question is to first query the physician as to what he means by "urosepsis."
ICD-9-CM assumes that "urosepsis" is a UTI, so the code for that term per se is 599.0.
However, the term is ambiguous because most physicians use it to mean general sepsis arising from a UTI. In my hospital, our coding supervisors and documentation improvement specialists continually discourage our attendings from using the term "urosepsis" at all. When we coders see it, we are obliged to query.
Deb's sepsis codes are correct, but the original documentation needs to be clarified first. And yes, the 041 code is not needed because the 038's are combination codes that identify both the sepsis state and the responsible organism.