use 75630 & 75774 or use 75625 & 75710?


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This physician is new to the group and I'm still adjusting to his dictation. Per the report, these were diagnostic, and he did perform 37226 & 37220 as a result of the findings. He selected codes are 37226, 37220, 75716, 75710, 76937, and G0269. I think 75630 & 75774 since it sounds as if he left the catheter in position for the bilateral iliac views, then moved to the external iliac for left lower extremity views.

Here's the relevant portion of the report:

The proximal right common femoral artery was cannulated using a micropuncture set and ultrasound guidance. A Bentson wire was passed through the micropuncture sheath into the abdominal aorta under fluoroscopic guidance. The micropuncture sheath was then removed and exchanged for a 5-French sheath. An Omni Flush catheter was passed over the Bentson guidewire and positioned at the L1-L2 level to facilitate an abdominal aortogram with oblique views of the iliac arteries. This short series of arteriograms demonstrated a widely patent infrarenal aorta. The common iliac arteries were noted to be patent bilaterally. Moderate stenosis were identified at the external iliac artery level bilaterally. The Omni Flush catheter was then repositioned to the terminal abdominal aorta. A Glidewire was advanced through the Omni Flush catheter over the aortic bifurcation into the left femoral popliteal artery bypass graft under fluoroscopic guidance. The Omni Flush catheter was then passed over the aortic bifurcation and positioned into the terminal left external iliac artery to facilitate a series of arteriograms throughout the left lower extremity