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New to coding, could modifier 53 be used in the stated terminated procedure?

The report reads:
"The old ureteral stent was curled up on the floor of the neobladder. The site of the ureteral neobladder anastomosis was apparent at the apex of the neobladder, but the openings could not be seen. The stent was grasped and removed intact from the bladder. We then attempted to do retrograde pyelography to confirm site of the ureteral openings, but we could never find either ureteral orifice. After several minutes of attempts, it was concluded that we were going to be unable to get the stent in and the procedure was terminated. The bladder was emptied and the patient was taken to the recovery room in good condition."

The surgeon originally coded both 52310 & 52332, Procedure 52232 was terminated, are the circumstances above not deemed extenuating to bill the attempt with 53 modifier? They certainly do not threaten the well being of the patient.

Thank you for your thoughts...