Wiki Uterosacral Ligament Plication with Vaginal Suspension CPT(s)??

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I have a provider that performed a 58263 (Vaginal hysterectomy with removal of tube(s) and/or ovary(s) with repair of enterocele), 57260 (Combined anteroposterior colporraphy), and a 'Uterosacral Ligament Plication with Vaginal Suspension'. I am not sure what I should bill for the last procedure.

I have come up with a few different codes but I'm not sure if they are correct or not. 57283 (Colpopexy, vaginal; intra-peritoneal approach) or 57425 (Laparoscopy, surgical colpopexy).

Any advice? :confused:
CPT code 57425 should not be used to report routine reattachment of the uterosacral ligaments to the vaginal cuff after completion of hysterectomy. This is considered a routine component of the hysterectomy procedure and cannot be separately coded