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question I bill my colonoscopy V12.72 w G0105
but the hospital are telling the pt's am doing it wrong it should be
V67.09, V12.72 -G0105
please help

my manager wants to know which is right:confused:
Not sure why the hospital is putting the follow up code on the claim since it's inherently included in G0105 and the V12.72.

So you are coding it correctly. no need to put the V67 code.
I need a little help with this so I have been looking through old forums. In my scenario, the colonoscopy is being billed to private insurance as 45378 with V12.72 as the primary DX and V67.09 as the secondary DX, the hospital is telling the patient that I billed this incorrectly when my physician received payment and the hospital did not? :confused: