Question Vaginal Varix


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The patient presented to the ER with vaginal bleeding and was transferred to the surgical unit. Per the OP Report, the diagnosis is vaginal varix. No arterial bleeding was found. There was venous bleeding. The varix was bleeding and the surgeon cauterized with a Bovie Electrocautery. Next the area of oozing was sutured. The coding path in the 3M encoder when starting with the diagnosis varix leads you to CPT code 37799 Unlisted procedure vascular surgery. I am not convinced this is the appropriate code for this procedure. When I start the coding path with cauterization/cautery, it leads me to 57061 destruction of vaginal lesions; simple. Please make a recommendation to an appropriate CPT code for this scenario. All discussion/recommendations are welcome. Thank you in advance! This is the first question I have posted on one of these forums.