Vein Mapping for CABG


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Hello: I am trying to find out if anyone bills for vein mapping when it is done for a CABG.

Went into the Medicare guidlines and this statemtent make me beleive that it can be coded

4. Venous Mapping
a. Duplex scanning is sometimes done to find a suitable vein for arterial revascularizations (detection of venous anomalies and defining vein diameter).

b. The professional component (93971 - 26) may be billed to Medicare Part B only if the physician personally reviewed the images prior to the surgery and documented the interpretation in the chart.

The vasuclar tech's said we would bill 93971-26. A report is always generated and read by one of our surgeon's. I believe the physician doing the surgery would have to make note of reviewing the the vein mapping report, which to do...just have to make sure they make note of it in chart.

We are a surgical practice but owned by the hospital..

Any Information on this would be very, very appreciated:)

Thank you!


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We will occasionall do these in the office. So we bill the entire procedure not just the professional part, but you have to bill a V72.81 and then 414.01 as your dx to get them paid.