Vena Cava Filter Placement


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I recently billed Sedgwick Workers Comp for Vena Cava filter placement using 37191. They have denied my charge stating "payment disallowed, billing error: incorrect procedure, modifier, unites, supply code. "According to the state fee schedule this procedure code is not considered a valid reimburseable code. Please resubmit with a valid code"

If I remember correctly workers' comp doesn't always use the current CPT codes. Can anyone tell me what code to use to bill this service?

Thank you!
Vena Cava Filter

The patient had a fall at work so this is worker's comp related. He hit his head and had craniotomy for subdural hematoma & subarachnoid hemorrhage. Due to this, patient could not receive anticoagulation and ended up with venous thromboembolic disease of the right lower extremity. Filter was placed for this reason.