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The surgeon whose reports I code from do not specifically state if hernia was reducible, incarcerated or strangulated. For example if ..."a midline incision directly over the palpable mass was carried throught he skin and subcutaneous tissues down to the mas which was clearly evident to be a collection of preperitoneal fat. This was dissected free down to the fascia and a tiny fascial defect was identified. The fat was transected at this level and the fascia cleared cicumferentially around the defect which was then closed using several sutures of figure of eight 2-0 Prolene. The wound was irrigated with saline solution and treated with 0.25 % Marcain to produce long-term local anestheisa and then the skin was closed over this using a running suture of 4-0 monocryl."
Is there a way to determine the cpt code from this documentation? thanks
RE: Ventral hernia

I code hernia repairs to reducible, unless the physician states incarcerated or strangulated. I hope this helps.
thanks - it does help. I was not sure if it had to be stated as reducible, or if not stated, we can assume it is reducible. Thanks again!
You can also look in his diagnosis and/or indications for surgery for obstruction. If the hernia is causing an obstruction, it is incarcerated. Torsion or torsed or twisted would indicate strangulated.

Hope this also helps.