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Heiskell, TN
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I am trying to code a very complicated trauma surgery. The pt was taken to the OR 4 days in a row. Does anyone know if Im coding this right? see below

Day 1: Ex lap, sternotomy, pericardial window, repair of liver, repair of stomach, removal spleen, ligation of aorta in abdomen, then placed vac pac-unable to continue due to pts condition. Codes: 47350-52, 37617-52, 43840-52, 38100-52, 33025-52

Day 2: reopen lap with additional exploration, closed sternotomy, additional repair made to stomach, placed jejunostomy feeding tube, placed vac pac.
Codes: 49002-58, 43840-52-58, 21750-58, 44015-58, 97605

Day 3: reopen lap with additional exploration, washout, vac pac
Codes: 49002-58, 97605-58

Day 4: reopen lap with additional exploration, washout, complex closure
Codes: 49002-58, 13100-58 (size of repair not documented-not sure if I can even bill this)