Wiki very confused - Left shoulder Arthroscopy


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Ok, I think i need some help. I am very confused.
The Operative Report states the following:

Glenohumeral arthroscopy
Biceps Tenotomy and
Subacromial Decompression of the left shoulder.

My surgeon billed the following:

Insurance paid for 23440-51 but denied 29826 stating that this is an add-on code and it needs the appropiate primary procedure. The CPT Book does not state that it is an add-on code. I am confused. Do i need a modifier or something? Am i missing a code?
Please help. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
In 2012 CPT code 29826 was made into an add on code. You'd have to check to see what primary procedures you can append it to but typical primary procedures you can append the 29826 to are rotator cuff tear repairs, arthroscopic debridement (if the debridement area is separate and unrelated to decompression) and an arthroscopic claviculectomy.

Donna T.