Wiki VNG billing in Pennsylvania


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We do VNG's in our office and we bill....
92540-1 unit
92537-4 units
92546-59, 76
92547-59, 76

All used to pay, but now we are having denials that 92537 should only be 1 unit when we do warm/cold in both ears (4) and see denials for 92546 and 92547. Medicare is the biggest payer we see deny. Can anyone PLEASE help breakdown how Medicare wants these billed to them. I called and what I was told is they basically only allow 1 unit per code, so it would be 92540, 92537, 92546 and 92547 all at 1 unit. Please help!
92537 includes 4 irrigations so 1 unit of the code is appropriate
92540 is the actual VNG eval so 1 unit of the code is appropriate

As far as 92546 and 92547, I would think those would be billable as 1 unit as well, however, I wasn't able to find anything substantial either way. I would check your LCD/NCD policies on these codes and see if that helps you get them paid.