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I have an uncertain question regarding well child visits. In our pediatrics office, we bill 99392 1-4 yr ck up with a 92583 select picture audiometry. The diagnosis code applied to both of these are V20.2. Ins is dening this stating procedure not payable based on information reported.

Any suggestions would be great. I am newly certified and new to this side of the system as well.

Thanks in advance!
Well when I googled the "select picture audiometry" which is the description of the code 92583 that you posted it says it is an audiometry test for hearing impaired children. I imagine if you are billing this test with any DX code other than a hearing impaired DX, then it will be denied.

Our providers also do hearing screenings with the prevents and we bill the 92551 with the preventative code. I think I would research what type of hearing test the providers are actually performing then find the correct code to bill.
we use V5008 for children 0-3 (provider must document in the eye and ear exam portion) and then for 3 and above when they're old enought to cooperate, we use 92551. If they did a hearing test, but only attempted due to the child being uncooperative (usual 3 or 4yrs old) then we still use the V5008

hope that helps :)
We use the 92551, as well. We use to use V72.19 for the hearing dx and V72.0 for the eye exam. However, we have since started using V20.2 and our now receiving payment for both procedures.

Hope this helps,
Viji - V5008 HCPCS Code denied


Please can anyone clarify regarding this HCPCS code V5008, as it is being denied when done with preventive exams stating date of service mismatch as reason

Should 92551 CPT code be used instead?

Awaiting your response.

Vijayarani Sivakumar-COC