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1. VVI automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator from the
right side with a single coil.
2. Interrogation of AICD generator with fluoroscopy.

**I was looking at cpt code 33207 and C1896; but my question is if I should bill them together.

Please help me with this scenario,
Thanks in advance....:confused:
I'm not sure I follow 100% but I will try. Could you post the report, by chance?

If 'single coil' is referring to a single chamber; ventricular, then I would go with 33249. The fluoroscopy is now bundled to the PM/ICD codes as of 01/01/2012.

93641-26 is the programming after placement on initial implant. For subsequent or periodic electronic analysis and/or reprogramming of single or dual chamber cardioverter-debibrillator use 93282, 93283, 93292, 93295, 93642.

33207 is for PM not ICD.
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