what CPT for that US procedure ? done by ED doc will add 26 just no idea what CPT


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Focused bedside cardiac ultrasound performed 76604??
Indication: unexplained tachycardia
Findings: parasternal long,parasternal short views were obtained. Cardiac motion was present with contractility appearing grossly adequate. Pericardial fluid was absent. IVC visualized in long-axis at point of entry into heart, dynamic collapse with inspiration.
Impression: no pericardial effusion, adequate contractility
Images were archived in digital format. Patient was informed of limited nature of this exam and need for appropriate follow-up. Confirmatory or more comprehensive ultrasound was ordered/performed by department of radiology.
Overall impression: some hypovolemia & capillary leak physiology likely, lungs not wet, so can give more fluids along with early pressors for persistent tachycardia