What is the best Certification?


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Hi! I'm on the midst of choosing what certification I will pursue, if CPC, CIC, CRC....
I have no job experience yet with coding but my goal is to become a good coder.

I am currently working in a hospital as billing follow up and hopefully once I passed any AAPC certification, I can advance my career in coding, either become a coder in the hospital where I am working or get a remote job in coding.

Can anyone give me an advice on what is the best certification I will pursue? I will greatly appreciate any advice I will get.

Thank you.


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If you are considering being a coder for your current employer I encourage you to check with the head of the coding department to find out what certification(s) they require for their coders and also do they require their coders to have coding experience. I have spoken with several coders during chapter meetings that work in noncoding departments for the major hospital system in my area who are unable to get a coding job with the hospital because they require coding experience. They will have to find a coding job else where and reapply to work at the hospital after they get experience.

As far as remote coding, it's difficult (but not impossible) to get a remote job without experience because the expectation is that you are able to work on your own with little help. I recommend looking at job listings for remote coders to see what certifications are required and go from there. From my own research it seems that the CPC certification is most frequently required certification.