What to do with unclaimed IUD's paid by Medicaid?


Cape Girardeau, Missouri
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We have acquired several IUD's and Nexplanon's that were ordered through a pharmacy and paid for by Medicaid. The devices were sent to us but the patient then cancelled or never came in and cannot be reached. We have documented in the patient's chart that patient has either refused the device or has not come in to receive the device and the reason why. In some instances, the patient changed their mind and wanted one instead of the other and so ended up ordering both. We contacted the pharmacies and they have told us that they cannot take them back. Our question is can we then use these to assist patients who are self pay and who fall between the cracks for qualifying for Medicaid?
They cannot be given back to the pharmacy so that they can, in return, give reimbursement back to Medicaid so they appear to be....ours. Destroying them seems such a waste. What should the protocol be here?