Wiki When all the procedures don't fit on the claim form


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Good morning everyone,
I've been an avid reader of the forums for some time and would appreciate some advice on a thorny work situation.
The practice I work for has decided to change up some of the lab testing. The problem is what they want to change it to is basically 3 components short of a CMP. It doesn't qualify as a Basic MP since one of the missing components is CO2.
Try as I might, it's one that has to be billed in 13 separate components tests since it doesn't meet the requirements of any listed panels. I am sure, I have triple checked it, I've had my supervisor check it, I've had the lab manager check it, and we're all in agreement, it doesn't fit.
However, that exceeds the space on a CMS 1500 and our billing software only allows for 10 procedure slots, not the 13+ required. (extra is for the capillary puncture).
How do you handle it when there's more applicable procedure codes than will fit on a claim form?
Thank you,
One very confused clerk