Wiki which CPC exam review should I get?

Frisco, CO
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HI! I'm new to this forum. I am an online Andrews School student. I am finished with Module 3 and have my CPC exam scheduled on April 22. I have purchased the AAPC Study Guide in addition to the Practice Test bundles (A, B, C & D). In my online class, I was getting A's on everything, but got a 74 % on my first Practice Test, so I'm feeling a little worried. I have watched a few videos from Laureen ( on YouTube & bubble/highlighted my CPT manual last weekend. I am now interested in either the AAPC's CPC Self-Paced Online Exam Review or Laureen's CPC Review Blitz bundle (includes CPT & ICD-10-CM blitzes). The AAPC's is quite a bit cheaper, but I'm wondering if Laureen's blitz would be better because of the videos. Does anyone have any experience with either of these CPC exam review courses?! Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
Aapc practice test vs. Bundle blitz

I had trouble passing my test by less than 5 points. The bundle blitz helped me pass the next time I took my exam. I am all for the blitz!