Who can help me find CIRCC to help me do some coding/New Interventional Rad clinic


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Hello All,
I kind of have a unique situation. I am billing for a new Interventional Radiololgy Practice, and I have never ever done this kind of coding before. I used to be CPC, so I am an experience coder.
But I need help. Right now there are not many procedures and doctor is giving me the codes and I am searching thoroughly with a cpt book and Dr Z book also to make sure I am coding these right, But I need an experienced coder in Interventional Radiology to code these for me for a couple months and answer questions I have. (Of course this is remote also)

I am not even quite sure the pay I need to pay for this. But If you know someone that may be interested that is very good at this kind of coding, please private message me with a pay amount that you expect . Thank you so much! And any suggestions would be appreciated also :eek: