Wont let me sign up to retake cpc exam

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I tried to sign up this morning for the exam scheduled for 8/11/12 the deadline to sign up is today the 14th of July. But when I went to schedule that date is no longer one the list. The next one is 8/18 and I really didnt want to wait that long. Customer service is closed. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks..oh yea Im in nc
I think that due to the requirement of signing up a month-six weeks ahead, it may be programmed to turn off that option in the AAPC forum, and this is what you may have encountered. Also, it may be that the examinee limit may have been reached and room is no longer available. Even though AAPC is closed I would call first thing Monday morning. It might not hurt to locate your officer's from the chapter where you'll be taking the test and inquire with them.
If that is true they should not say the 14th. I found the same thing with the test I wanted to take. I thought I had signed up for it but not getting any emails about it. I must have done something wrong.
If you had to do it on Friday they should not say the 14th. I thought I was scheduled for one in August but no email. I am thinking I did something wrong. Hopeing that if I call on Monday they will help me the test say they can take 30 and only 23 are taking it.
Well that just stinks. There was two different exams on that date and neither was halfway full. I will try to call Monday to see if they will let me in. I sure hope so.