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Patient presnts to ED after car accident with abrasions. Would this procedure be included in E/M or separate procedure?

Note reads: I used normal saline and sur-clens to remove initial blood, dirt and debris. Then the patient had LET placed over the area. After this had been in place 30 min., I thoroughly cleansed the area with betadine infused brush. Then areas of dead skin were removed. I then applied LET and scrubbed the wounds with a second betadine scrub brush. The wound was thoroughly rinsed with NS and sterile water. It was gently dried and then 3 xeroform dressings were placed over the wounds and abrasions. Then 3 non-stick bandages were placed over the xeroform and Kling roll gauze was placed over these. I did use 3- 2 inch long 2 inch silk tape to hold these in place.

Thanks for any help.
I would look at 97597, although there are requirements for the size of the area debrided, so you might have to query the physician as to the sq cm of the wound. Hope this helps!