wound irrigation


Garfield, NJ
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I have an op report for a patient who previously had a permanent spinal cord stimulator placement & is coming back for a revision but the report also states

"a fiber stitch was removed from the wires and a tunnel was made to the pocket enabling the removal of the wire, once the wire was detached from the stimulator. Once this was checked with the image intensifier and the entire wire was removed, a debridement of the pocket was performed removing any suspicious tissue which was also sent for culture and sensitivity, once this was accomplished, a pulsating lavage was used with antibiotic solution thoroughly irrigating both wounds. "

also there was another op report from another surgeon who was doing the revision part mentions there he removed what looked like a sponge, and for possible infectious purposed the best option would be to irrigate the wounds, so he moved the entire spinal cords tim. and put in a drain, and at this point he called in the other surgeon (above).

I just to need to know how to code the debridement/irrigation part??

10180 ???