Writing My AAPC Story Now!


Tyler, TX
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Hello Everyone! My name is Dave and I am just beginning to write my AAPC story. I just took and passed the CPC exam 9 days ago, after completing the complete AAPC CPC prepare courses online. I am a late starter in the coding field. I am 63 years old. I was drawn to medical coding through my daughter who is a coder, plus after 30 years in ministry serving hurting people and 9 years prior as a technician at Exxon, I am excited to combine my passion for helping people with my interest in procedures and processes... thus the interest in medical coding. Now the huge challenge of finding employment!!
Awesome! Welcome! I have three suggestions for you. Be patient and do whatever you can to get into the healthcare industry. What I did was volunteer at a local healthcare facility for a few months before everything shut down because of COVID. Also, see if you can find a way to bring your previous job experience and skills into the equation. How can you convert what you've already done for the last 30+ years into being a coder? Not to mention, network, network, network!

You've got this! :D
I too recently took the Exam and passed at 60 and I’m looking forward to opportunities in the billing and coding industry. I’ve done Corporate America, Consulting and Retail. Excited about this next chapter in my life.