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Hi i have a question regarding x-rays and the read. If a doctor only looks at the x-ray and doesn't take it can you bill for this code 76140? My interpretation of that code is, one: it is a consultation and two: it specifies "written report". I thought that if the doctor only did the read, it was billed as what ever the x-ray was, like a 78300 and then a modifier 26 to indicate the read. So does anyone out there know what is the proper way to bill? Thanks in advance for your help. :rolleyes:
Well, here's the info on Pro Fee Rad.

If you're Doc is reading X-rays, he/she would bill the X-ray/CT/MRI, etc with a 26 mod on the Rad codes. There must be a written report for these services.

That Consult code you mentioned is for when a "second opinion" or the like is requested of a Radiologist. He/She did not have to be present when the x-ray was taken, but a report of his/her specific read must be placed in the chart. I see this often when a patient is transferred. Hospital A did a CT; when the patient was tranferred to Hosp B, the films came with him/her. The Rad at Hospital B is asked to read the CT (whether or not it has been read before) and provide his/her opinion--Consult. No mod-26 is added to 76140.

I'm not sure this helps, but private message me if you need to be more specific. Be happy to help.

Good luck.