Wiki Xray reporting - seperate note vs included with office notes

Louisville, NE
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I have a question regarding xray reports. We are transitioning from one EMR to another. Our physicians read their own xrays and in the past we have always had a seperate xray report from what is also dictated in the body of the office note. We are having some issues with our new system doing this task. Is it imperative that we have two seperate xray reports or will the one in the chart suffice? Does anyone know if there is a legal issue with this?

Thank you and any input you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Monica Lanning
Yes you do have to a seperate dictated report for the x-ray. We had that problem with our ortho's wanting to include it in the office note and no they can not. Also be careful that they are not copying and pasting from the office note and calling it an x-ray dictation
THe OIG has just published a report on their review of diagnostic radiology services in the ER. I think if you review this report you can get a good feel for where they are going with this. and what they consider to be acceptable.