Wiki Years of experience needed to get an Auditing job?


Sugar Land, TX
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Currently I am a CPC-A working as a Coder and will start preparing for the CPMA exam soon. Would you happen to know how much experience is needed prior to finding an Auditing position?
I would say usually at least 2-3 years. However, I too am a CPC-A and was able to find an auditing position shortly after obtaining my certification. I got certified in June and a position opened up in October in the large multi-specialty practice that I work at.
Encouraging, thank you!

Thanks for your response. I am looking forward to taking the exam and I have read from other posts that the prep materials from AAPC mirror the exam. How did you study for it? Any tips you have would be helpful.
I have not taken the CPMA, so I cannot speak to how to study for it. I am actually looking for a mentor and am trying to decide whether I should take the medical auditing path or pursue a different certification. Currently I am enrolled in Drexel University online, in my sophomore year of their Health Services Administration program. Good luck to you!