Z00.129 Insurance denying PLEASE HELP!


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Our pediatric office recently started getting claims denied as non covered for preventative visits with the ICD10 code Z00.129 for patient's who came in for their annual exam. These are for August visits and now September but only for Blue Cross claims. No preventative claims denied before August coded the same way. No other insurance companies have denied the same type visits. Also the patient's had preventative benefits. I spoke with the rep who said that code is non covered. I spoke with a different rep who said the claim denied due to code Z02.79 "encounter for issue of other medical certificate" being listed as an additional diagnosis. A corrected claim was done on a couple of visits due to the Z02.79 and it was still denied. Can anyone provide assistance or insite as to what we might be doing wrong or any direction? Any help is appreciated.
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