Venous Grafting Only for Coronary Artery Bypass CPT® Code range 33510- 33516

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Surgical Procedures on the Heart and Pericardium 33510-33516 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 33510- 33516
Venous Grafting Only for Coronary Artery Bypass
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February 03, 2023
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February 03, 2023
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February 02, 2023
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February 01, 2023
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"Because +35500 is an add on code, payers will not reimburse you if you report it without an appropriate primary code for the initial service: 33510 to 33514, 33516 to 33519, 33521 to 33523, 33530, 33... [ Read More ]
[b]Coding CABG[/b] I agree with ER CPC. You can NOT code 33511 & 33533 together. When coding a CABG: check what is done 1- Arterial Graft (33533-33536) 2- Combined Arterial & Venous Graft (33533-3... [ Read More ]
I need help clarifying this code if the physician harvested the saphenous vein endoscopicaly are we ok to bill 33508? Or this code ok to bill only when other veins were used?I noticed this web page ha... [ Read More ]
[b]Epiaortic ultrasound during CABG[/b] The answer to your question is in the CCI manual. This information is taken from the current manual: CHAP5-CPTcodes30000-39999_final10312012.doc Revision Dat... [ Read More ]
[b]cabg codes[/b] 33510-33516 / CABG Venous 33533-33536 / CABG Arterial 33517-33523 / CABG Add on Combined Arterial-Venous Grafting 33508 / Endoscopic removal of vein (normally saphenous vein) 3550... [ Read More ]
CABG coding rules Here are the codes: 33510-33516 Venous only 33533-33536 Arterial with or without veins +33517-33523 venous add on codes to be used with 33533-33536 for combined A-V grafting. Here a... [ Read More ]
You can use the 33508 code for 33510-33516 as well. Conleyclan is right though, just make sure that he dictates that is was done endoscopically. If she/he harvested the upper extremity artery(radial)... [ Read More ]
I will try to help with the CABG portion of your question. You have three sections from which to choose when it comes to a CABG. VENOUS GRAFTING ONLY (33510-33516) is used when the CABG is done using... [ Read More ]
[QUOTE="willette, post: 196505, member: 21223"]ANY help would be greatly appreciated. My surgeon harvests veins for the cardiothoracic surgeon to perform the coronary bypasses. He does not dictate t... [ Read More ]
ANY help would be greatly appreciated. My surgeon harvests veins for the cardiothoracic surgeon to perform the coronary bypasses. He does not dictate this and we only charge for assisting the cardio... [ Read More ]