Repair Procedures on the Vas Deferens CPT® Code range 55400- 55400

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Surgical Procedures on the Vas Deferens 55400-55400 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 55400- 55400
Repair Procedures on the Vas Deferens
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October 02, 2023
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October 02, 2023
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October 02, 2023
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October 02, 2023
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October 02, 2023
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[QUOTE="daniel, post: 475330, member: 4495"] This what we have in place, as for the 89257, 89264, 89335. These 8xxxx codes are for pathology ... [ Read More ]
This what we have in place, as for the 89257, 89264, 89335. These 8xxxx codes are for pathology ... [ Read More ]
My dr did a microscopic bilateral vasovasostomy cpt code 55400. He did use a microscope, so I was wondering if anyone else bills the 69990 along with this procedure?... [ Read More ]
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My doctor does microsurgical vasectomy reversals and wants to bill for the microscope, 69990, that he uses. I know that MCR will NOT pay for this, but what about other carriers? The CPT codes are 55... [ Read More ]
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[b]CPT codes 54900 and 55400[/b] Actually both codes are used to describe a reversal of a vasectomy but the surgical procedures are different. Vasovasostomy (CPT 55400) describes the procedure used ... [ Read More ]
So would I as this is not the speciality that I am well versed with. Hopefully someone will clarify. I do not mind being wrong, just want to make sure I give the correct information. It does appe... [ Read More ]
hmmmmm... everywhere I have researched indicate that the clincal name for a vasectomy reversal would be vasovasostomy which would be 55400. I would like to hear what other instructors think as well. ... [ Read More ]
[b]55400[/b] 55400 Physician treats a blockage in the vas deferens, the tube that carries semen. After anesthesia, an incidision is made in the scrotum. The tesis with its attached epididymis and t... [ Read More ]